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Virtual Classroom

Historically Computer Labs at most Universities and Colleges are expensive to maintain and are standing empty just "ready" for that course that need to have the right Hardware. Talking to our customers we found that this restrictive use of Computer Labs  also slowed down change and growth. We have seen that Customers have to rent estate outside the campus, just to accommodate the growth, just not to touch the current Lab setup. 


Modernize your environment

We have assisted many Customers to Modernize their Lab environments, by embracing our technologies in driving the change into a new modern teaching environment. By making all your software available from Anywhere, you can improve the overall Student experience. With the AppsAnywhere Appstore you can deliver Applications and Desktops to your Students, and free up that restricted Lab Space. Change your Labs in Open-Access labs,  reducing your Hardware needs by fully embracing BYOD with our world leading Tech!

With the seamless integration we have in various Technologies, we can assist you to ensure that you can deliver Applications and Desktops to any number of devices, on-site and off. Whether you just want to allow on-site work, Hybrid work or even a fully managed Cloud solution; all this can be achieved with a few clicks right within your AppsAnywhere Appstore. 

Virtual Labs

We have successfully delivered thousands of Virtualised Applications to Labs, staff, BYOD, VDI and Azure based clients, all from a central management interface. With the award winning Virtualisation technology from Cloudpaging you can now bring any windows application to any device, anywhere at any time, without the need for multiple images, installations and complex user interventions. 

Many of our Customers have reduced their physical labs with more than 50%, by embracing Cloud and Hybrid solutions. As we can utilize Technologies like Azure, AWS, Nutanics and an array of others this is a very simple task to achieve a real Virtual Classroom. Many customers realised remote courses, that was previously just a dream, by utilising our solutions. 

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